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Onion Lake Students.

Your donation will provide a promising student with an enhanced opportunity to pursue their passion.

Onion Lake Cree Nation is a CRA qualified and registered donee and is able to issue an official tax receipt for donations to the OLETF

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Help assist, recognize and encourage outstanding Onion Lake Cree Nation post-secondary students. Your generosity will provide the most promising qualified students with assistance to pursue their passion.

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The Selection Committee of the Onion Lake Education Trust Fund Board of Trustees is responsible for selecting scholarship recipients from all eligible applicants. The Selection Committee of the Board of Trustees shall base its selection of scholarship recipients on the following:

1.   Eligibility.  Each scholarship recipient shall meet all eligibility requirements described above and in the application forms for specific scholarships.

2.   Objective and Non-discriminatory Selection Procedure. The Selection Committee shall select scholarship recipients who, in the reasoned view of the Selection Committee are the most deserving of scholarship awards based upon the objective criteria described below. The Selection Committee shall select scholarship recipients on an objective and non-discriminatory basis, without regard to gender or any other factor.

3.   Applicant Interviews. The Selection Committee may, but is not required, to interview scholarship applicants, and may require candidates to submit written materials on matters relevant to the Selection Committee.  

4.   Objective Criteria. The Selection Committee may consider the following objective criteria in selecting scholarship recipients:  

a.   Prior academic performance;  

b.   Performance on tests designed to measure ability and aptitude for college and university work, such as the ACT and SAT examinations;    

c.    Participation in school, extracurricular, athletic, and community activities; 

d.   Participation in Cree cultural activities; 

e.   Recommendations from teachers, professors, Onion Lake members and or Elders in the community; 

f.     Conclusions that the Selection Committee members draw from a personal knowledge, interview, or written material submitted in the application process that demonstrate the applicant's motivation, character, ability, and potential; and

g.   Financial need, with an emphasis toward providing scholarships to students with financial need, but to whom other need-based assistance is unavailable or insufficient.

The OLETF Selection Committee shall apply the criteria in a reasonable and objective manner.  However, the Selection Committee and the Board of Trustees are not required to place the same weight upon each criteria foreach candidate, and need not determine that all criteria exist for each candidate.  All decisions are final.