Board of Trustees

Onion Lake Education Trust Fund Board of Trustees

Matthew Fox
"Our efforts as the Board of Trustees of OLETF will help and support our post-secondary students achieve their educational goals, fulfil their aspirations and look forward to the future with pride and confidence. We are proud of the role OLETF will play in shaping the lives of our students for the better."
Ivan Harper
"Promoting education and assisting Onion Lake post-secondary students is not just an idea but a necessity. The OLETF is an investment in our people. I am honoured to serve as Trustee and the Board of Trustees is a disciplined and professional group overseeing the many important functions of the Trust."
Leona Carter
“I am truly honoured to be a Trustee for our Onion Lake Education Trust Fund. OLETF is a legacy that ensures our youth have educational opportunities today and in the future. I like a quote from Frederick Douglass, a Black man who said “knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave”. For too long as First Nations people we have been slaves to the intergenerational traumas which past educational systems forced upon us. We now have possibilities for healing that comes from taking responsibility: to realize that it is you - and no one else - that creates your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. It is education that will free us from a life of poverty to living a good life with endless opportunities. Ahkameyimok Oskayak!”
Linette Fox
Linette Fox was hired as OLETF’s part-time administrative assistant and bookkeeper in 2019. Linette comes to OLETF with over fifteen years of experience in accounts payable, rent rolls, data entry and a wide variety of administrative matters. She assists the Trustees with student applications, student scholarships, database, bookkeeping and general management of OLETF. She is a very important asset to the organization.